Blog: Effort, Creativity, & Trust

As we reach the end of 2016 and look ahead to a new year, it’s not hard to think about the effort, creativity, and trust of countless individuals that it took to make 725 Ponce a reality.

Our conversations with Kroger about 725 Ponce began over three years ago. A project of this nature is much more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive than constructing a ground-up one story building. However, Kroger believed that an innovative mixed-use development would be a better fit for this neighborhood. No one should ever doubt whether Kroger is committed to serving this community and doing the right thing. For their friendship and trust, I am grateful.

My gratitude also extends to all our neighbors in Poncey Highland – especially Beth McDonald and Rob Brawner – who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the neighborhood. Construction projects are disruptive by nature. It takes the support and patience of many people like Beth and Rob who will live through the inconvenience because they understand the result will have a positive impact on the community at large.

The long friendship and trust with the Atlanta BeltLine has been paramount. When we began the design process, our goal was to create a building where the Atlanta BeltLine would be the “front door” of the project. To achieve this required a tremendous collaboration with the leadership and staff of the Atlanta BeltLine. What makes it even more exciting is that we will be able to reuse the historic bridge constructed by The Ford Motor Company in 1910 to allow trains to pull inside the Ford Assembly Plant. The bridge was abandoned decades ago, but, together, we have found a way to save the bridge and integrate it into the project to seamlessly blend public and private spaces.

Finally, starting a company and working for three years to kick-off this project has been exhilarating, but it would not have been possible without the support of Jamestown as well as an incredible collection of professionals. To know that I have a trusted team – Cushman & Wakefield, Indigo Collective, S9, Cooper Carry, Airspace, Brasfield & Gorrie—many of whom were deeply involved in thinking outside the box to develop Ponce City Market; people that are doing something very different for our city – for that I am also grateful.

Jim Irwin

President, New City Properties