“Individually, We Are” continues with new student artwork by Miller, Norment, and Brown

Colleen Miller, Assata Norment, and Maddie Brown join the “Individually, We Are” exhibit with work installed September 28, 2018, Grady High School artists. A joint presentation between Grady High School and 725 Ponce, “Individually, We Are” seeks to promote emerging new artists by displaying their work in a series of viewfinder shadowboxes installed along the 725 Ponce Eastside BeltLine Trail construction fence.

Colleen Miller’s “Star Night” is a stained glass piece that utilizes mirrors and glass to create a never-ending image. Assata Norment’s playful acrylic and colored pencil piece “Let’s Go Meow!” is inspired by the work of Shanna Van Maurik and the artist’s love of cats. Finally, Maddie Brown’s mixed media with acrylic and watercolor painting “Lurking” offers a thrill to viewers who peek into the box and discover the toothy pelican eel.

See these artists on view through October 12, 2018.